Sunday, September 7, 2008

Page 1

This is the first page, drawn by me. I consider myself to have many limitation in my art style, and thought others who may want to participate may also feel they could not contribute to something too realistic. Mulling it over came to the idea that cartoon animals are easy and fun to draw, and would also be fun to see drawn in various styles. So the comic opens with some cute, fuzzy animals...who have murdered someone. Ah, yes, I also have a difficult time being traditional.

This page also highlights what a horrible speller I am. Since all art is to be done on the page, forest is forrest in this story.


Atomicclockwork said...

This is awesome. I'm glad you thought of it!

Danny the Templar said...

I see that you lost the cover of the book, which had all the artists self portraits.
Fortunately, I made a copy of this before returning the book to you.
If you would like this to post onto your amazingly cool idea website, I would be glad to run it by your place.

Jim Lujan said...

The book that I just got in the mail has the artists in the inside front cover. Is that what youre referring to?

Danny the Templar said...

Just talked to Jeff Saturday night.
I was confused, I thought the cover had become completley lost, when in reality it had only become detached.
Ignore last message. I am not a photocopying hero after all.